Unlimited range telemetry system

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This system was created to solve the issue of drones going out of range of the ground station, until I realized it could be extended to several other applications as well. The system uses a combination of high-power radios and relays to set up the ideal direct radio link. Especially useful in mountainous areas, relays would be placed on tops of mountains to avoid “radio shadows”. If the radios are unavailable, the system falls over to cellular networks, transmitting the packets over the internet.

The processor packages the data and optimizes it for high latency, in addition to actively maintaining the cellular connection when the radio link is in danger of losing connection, so that the switchover can be made immediately. Finally, if cellular networks are unavailable, the system uses the Iridium satellite constellation, which has 100% global coverage, to keep the connection alive. A novel method of data optimization allows crucial communication while also reducing bandwidth costs.

Quick Facts
  • Project Started: January 2017
  • Project Completed: May 2017
  • Prototypes: 1
  • Estimated Total Build Time: 22hrs
  • Current Status: Project Archived