Drones For Humanity

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Since 2014, I have built 5 prototypes that each have a payload capacity of 50 pounds. The first prototype had 16 rotors and could only fly for 3 minutes. The second prototype and onwards each had 8 rotors, with the fifth most recent one having a flight time of over 35 minutes. The drones are fully autonomous and were designed to be used for rapid aid delivery following natural disasters. Currently, it takes anywhere between 24-72 hours for first responders to arrive on site due to roadblocks and debris, while this system can be deployed in under six hours. More information can be found at http://dfhumanity.com

Quick Facts
  • Project Started: November 2013
  • Project Completed: August 2017
  • Prototypes: 2
  • Estimated Total Build Time: 3000hrs
  • Current Status: Pivoted/Active Research